History of Landmark on the Sound


Landmark on the Sound, former Masonic Home of Washington, the most prominent architectural feature on the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) coastline between Seattle and Tacoma for almost a century, is now threatened with demolition. For most of its 95 years, the stately five-story building served as a retirement home for Freemasons. More recently it was used as an events center that hosted everything from elegant weddings and music festivals, community gatherings, to holiday events for local kids. It has always been a place for public residents and families to gather together, picnic, take walks and enjoy the beautiful gardens, nature trails and wildlife outback, and marvel at the world class architecture.

However, after Sumner-based Zenith Properties LLC bought the property three years ago for

under 12 million dollars, the building has remained vacant and the grounds have been

fenced off from the public. Earlier this year the property owner filed for a demolition permit. That

triggered a SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) Determination of Significance,

requiring that the owner prepare an Environmental Impact Statement.

On hearing this development, community supporters, local, state-wide, and even nationally, have come together to preserve this magnificent building and formerly de-facto city park for this generation and future generations. We are reaching out to the City of Des Moines, the current owner of the property, the State of Washington, Congressional and Senate Representatives, and the public to preserve this place of cultural and historic heritage, positive community event and gathering place, and beautiful garden and place to enjoy nature.

Thank you to everyone supporting preservation of Landmark on the Sound! We'll keep you updated with developments.